Phoenix Marketing Solutions

Phoenix Marketing Solutions of Warren, NJ, has the distinction of being one of Best Tek’s original clients, having worked with Julio since before he and Matthew formed the company. Angela Fiordilino, one of Phoenix’s founders, calls Best Tek a “true outsource partner.”

Phoenix hosts its own system, while Best Tek manages it and provides technical support. Best Tek remotely accesses the system when necessary and provides onsite support two to three days a week with its employee, Kirk Georgatos. Angela says that while Kirk is not employed by Phoenix, he is considered a true member of the team.

Prior to Julio and Best Tek, Phoenix had a part-time person providing technical support. The company’s owners knew they needed full-time support on a 24/7 basis. Julio was recommended to Phoenix by one of its own clients. Julio visited Phoenix and conducted a full assessment of the infrastructure. “Julio’s report was excellent and very detailed. We wanted to hire him!” says Angela. Eventually, Julio and Matthew joined forces and formed Best Tek. Angela admits she had concerns about their new venture. She told both of them not to grow too fast, because she didn’t want to be just a number. Angela says her fears were unjustified. “They are amazing. Julio, Matthew and their entire staff are extremely responsive and go above and beyond. Here at Phoenix, we appreciate the fact they are accessible 24/7 via a toll-free number. We know if we’re having problems at any time of day, they will handle it,” says Angela.

This testimony proved true when Phoenix found itself in the middle of a hurricane. Angela says their system was down for an entire week. Knowing how important client communication is to Phoenix, before the outage, Julio worked two days straight (without any sleep) in setting up a temporary email and making sure all employees had access to their file servers until the company was fully up and running. Angela says Julio thought of everything and planned for anything. Without his foresight, they could not have functioned.

Angela uses one word to describe the Best Tek team: phenomenal.