Hobart Financial Group

When Chris Hobart established his company, Hobart Financial Group, his technical support was limited to a friend helping out on a part-time basis.  This arrangement worked fine – unless there was an emergency.  His friend wasn’t in a position to drop everything to handle the situation.  While Chris appreciated the help, they both knew it wasn’t a long-term solution.  Enter Best Tek Support.

A realtor recommended Chris call Best Tek support.  Chris is very enthusiastic when he talks about Matthew and Julio.  “They have a really great team.  They are quick to respond, and I know if I call, they are on the spot,” says Chris.

Hobart’s office relocated in January from a 1,700 square foot office to an expansive space of 10,000 square feet.  Along with transitioning the company’s computer system, Matthew offered to evaluate the company’s telephone/internet service.  Matthew reported to Chris the proposed service was not appropriate for Chris’s business.  Matthew explained the cost was too high and obtained Chris’s approval to negotiate the proper service at a lower cost.  Chris said that within six months, the company noticed a significant cost savings.

Hobart also had a sound/audio company working in the new space.  When they ran into trouble, Matthew stepped in to help and, according to Chris, practically did their job.

On a personal level, Chris is very comfortable with Matthew and has had him go to his house to work on his home computers.  Chris said it means a lot to him that his wife is comfortable with Matthew.

Chris uses one word to describe Matthew:  phenomenal.